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We recently had some downtime of the site with the gifs and the site not working for about a day. We are very sorry about that happening but we have completely fixed the issue so something like that won't happen again for a very long time.

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Disqus comments system added to WM


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I have added the DISQUS comments system to MANY sections of WrestleMation. You will find them under this blog post of course but you will now also find Disqus at the bottom of the details section of EVERY image, below the categories display of EVERY wrestler, fighters and more. Disqus is also on subcategories such as a wrestlers Finishers, Trons, etc.

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[SOLVED] System bugs found and being addressed


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Update: This issue has been solved and all users are able to upload contributions again.

We've recently  reports about issues with Uploading images to the site and we want everyone to know that we are aware of these issues now and are in the process of solving this problem.

We can assure you that no information has been compromised or lost it is just a permissions error that is not letting some users upload their images.

We'd like to thank everyone who notified us about this issue and thank you for visiting/using

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WrestleMation 2.0 IS HERE!


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We are proud to announce the immediate availability of the 2.0 version of!

I could provide an exaustive changelog to describe what all has been revamped but the answer is actually EVERYTHING!

However, I will provide a changelog of the Key Features of 2.0...

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